This video will demonstrate how to add social media content to your live stream!

vMix Social is a free addon for vMix that allows you to use live social media content such as Tweets, Facebook comments and Instagram content in your live production. vMix Social 4.0 now includes YouTube Live Chat Support!

To learn about YouTube Live Chat support-

If you would like to use conditional searching in Twitter you can use OR to search for multiple items. For example select the Search Feed Type and then use your two search items. Eg: vmix OR batman.

If you want to look for a search team but exclude a term use the minus key. For example: vMix -voting

Other options listed in Twitter API should also work within the search-

vMix is live video production software that allows you to produce, record and stream in SD, HD and 4K all from 1 PC! Looking for live streaming software for your live YouTube streams or to produce an 8 camera live concert or show… then check out our website-

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To learn more about vMix live video production software, see our YouTube Tutorial series-

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