In this video, the PTZOptics team has confirmed compatibility with the Sling Studio Wireless Live Streaming System. We demonstrate how you can live stream with the Sling Studio and PTZOptics cameras with a completely wireless setup (except for power which we only cover in our blog post). The wireless Sling Studio Camera Link and WiFi Router used in our demonstration provide wireless video and wireless PTZ camera controls. This system is an easy to use live streaming setup on its own but we couldn’t forget about the LiveU Solo! The LiveU Solo is a unit that uses wireless cellular bonding technology to broadcast from any location with a cellular signal with reliable bandwidth strengths.

Setting up the Sling Studio with our PTZOptics cameras was incredibly easy! The Wireless Camera Links used with the Sling Studio allow broadcasters the ability to place cameras with a wireless range of up to 300 feet outdoors. This is a great way to place PTZ cameras in remote locations and allow pull the feeds into a single broadcast for video production and live streaming. For PTZ camera control we used the PanTiltZoom app available on iOS or Android (shown with iOS). This app can connect to the PTZOptics cameras for advanced camera controls wirelessly over a LAN (Local Area Network) created by our WiFi Router.

As you can see in our video we have our PTZOptics camera connected via HDMI to the Sling Studio Camera Link. This camera link provides a wireless connection for video but not PTZ camera controls. Using a standard WiFi router is quite easy but if it’s your first time let’s review some of the basic networking knowledge. First of all, today you can buy 3 in 1 WiFi routers that can act as routers, access points and WiFi extenders. Every local area network should usually have a network router and this router set to DCHP by default is what assigns all of the devices on your network IP addresses. Therefore your affordable WiFi router is managing the connection from your PTZOptics camera and your other wireless or hardwired networkable devices. If you have multiple PTZOptics cameras you could plug each one into a wireless network switch or router with available Ethernet ports. Then you can connect your iOS, Android, Mac or PC computer to this wireless network to connect to these cameras and control them wirelessly.

What’s the point of all of this wireless technology if we can’t take it to the places we need to go? Well, the LiveU Solo is the perfect product paired with the Sling Studio because it takes a simple HDMI output from the Sling Studio and uses best in industry cellular bonding technology to stream to just about any RTMP location. RTMP is the live streaming protocol used to send video and audio to CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) like YouTube and Facebook. With the LiveU Solo broadcasters are able to live stream from just about any remote location and it provides Sling Studio users a great way to connect with their audiences in unique locations.

Using PTZOptics cameras with the Sling Studio is home run! Adding the LiveU Solo makes broadcasting from any remote location a possibility. These technologies used together to open up entirely new doors for video production and live streaming around the world. The only thing we did not talk about is power requirements. The LiveU Solo and Sling Studio both have options for battery-powered operation but the PTZOptics cameras require either PoE (Power Over Ethernet) or a power supply. Therefore if you plan to go completely wireless you can consider bringing a portable battery to power your WiFi router and PTZOptics cameras. In fact, we have demonstrated this setup in another YouTube video here:

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