Live streaming a musical performance can be a difficult task, but using the latest technology for software, hardware and of course audio plugins… you can create television quality productions on a budget! In this presentation, we walk you through our small band setup which includes video camera placement, audio setup, audio optimization and tips for success. We share with you how to be successful providing your talent with studio techniques such as tally lights so they know which camera to look at. We look at the latest in VST3 plugins for real time audio processing to enhance instruments and vocals to sound amazing. In fact, we have a full tutorial video available here, where we go over all of our audio plugins and explain how to make your audio sounds like it’s ready for radio!

Quick note about ASIO Drivers: ASIO Drivers usually will not work in Windows if they are not set up to be the default recording device. Once it’s setup properly you can bring in each source in the mixer as an individual stereo or mono audio input.

Here the plugins we are using today!
Renaissance Axx (Vocal Enhancer)
Renaissance Channel (Compressor & EQ)
Renaissance DeEsser (sibilance attenuator)
Real Time Vocal Tuner (Auto Tuner)
NS1 Noise Suppressor (Noise Suppression)
Vocal Rider (Achieve Perfect Vocal Levels)
Morphoder – (Vocoder Robot Sound)
GTR3 Amps (Distortion Amp System)

All of these plugins are VST3 compatible and they allow us to process our audio inputs in real time. I can’t believe some of the doors this opens for small bands and live performances. We can now provide a completely produced live mix for a singer-songwriter before it streams out to YouTube or Facebook Live. We can create high quality music videos with EQ, Compression, Live Auto Tuning and get the perfect vocal levels the entire time with the real-time vocal rider. Ever have issue with noise in the background of mix? Especially when you are using gain or compression to make the vocals sound more robust? Well forget about noise and remove it live with the waves NS1 Noise Supressor. The best part about these audio plugins is that they are fairly easy to use because they come with Presets. If you are not an audio engineer don’t miss out on some of the most important tools for live streaming! Everyone knows that audio is the most important part of a live production! Make your video productions sound great with some afforable VST3 plugins.

By the way, if you are not using vMix as we have show in this video. There are ways to to use software such as Cubase and Ableton to do all of your audio mixer and VST3 plugins before you send the mixed signal to your video production solutions such as OBS, Wirecast, TriCasters and xSplit. Look into using Virtual Audio cables to achieve this.

In this video, we cover the tools from audio plugins, incorporated with vMix. Check it out!

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