In this video, we will discuss how to get the perfect camera exposure with your PTZOptics cameras. Color matching multiple cameras will be covered next week but capturing the ideal exposure with your cameras will go a long way to creating an amazing picture from your cameras. The tools we will demonstrate in this presentation include a Color Checker, Gray Card, White Balance Filter, Calibrated Monitor, Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor and Adobe Premiere. We have prepared the following check list of considerations for video production (especially live streaming) below.

Color matching and correcting is not a “1 click process”
It takes time
Colorist’s are hired my movie companies for one job only. Color correcting
Plan ahead for your shoots to give ample time to color match your cameras and footage in post-production, so you’re not disappointed.
Different angles cameras might pick up a hairline light as something else.
Make sure you use reliable monitors. Not all monitors are built the same.

Getting the perfect camera exposure requires testing with the camera settings. We have a camera settings guide available for download here. Our workflow starts with setting up the cameras in your space where the lighting is already on. Then configure your cameras to the basic camera settings that you want to use for example a high shutter speed for sports. Once you have your basic settings done you want to tweak shutter speed, aperture and gain. You should have a good picture before you go into the more detailed features such as contrast, luminance, gamma and hue.

Set up your lighting. Light the room or subject you want to film.
Use a color checker chart and White balance card to help the White Balance.
Zoom your camera in all the way on the Whiteboard to check the white balance.
Check the Exposure, Aperture and color using PTZOptics IP control or IR remote
Match all your PTZOptics cameras so they have the same configuration
Lock in your PTZOptics Color Balance and Exposure and then lets bring these camera feeds into Vmix or Adobe Premiere to continue the color correction.

Camera Color Matching & Exposure Advice
One of the key things with color corrections is that most people try to all of the color correction and exposure inside the camera. Many times the highlights can be blown out before they even get into your video production software. Using a vectorscope and waveform monitor you can bring down the range of your camera to make sure that you are not clipping. These tools make sure that you are not crushing the blacks or overexposing the whites with the settings in your camera. The waveform monitor specifically allows users to stretch the exposure to the perfect white and black settings.

VMix/Software Adobe Premiere

Use VMix new color correcting software to tweak the color for each camera.
Use Vmix Vectorscope
Use Vmix’s Waveform Monitor

Using a Vectorscope
A vectorscope is a tool that represents the color of your camera image. It’s like an x and y graph representation of the color accuracy of your live video feed. At the top of a vectorscope, you have red, toward the bottom you have cyan and there is also a green similar to what you have seen in color correction software. The vectorscope graph allows you to see the balance of the colors coming from your live video camera. To accurately tune your camera you can put up a color chart in your space and zoom into it with your camera.

The vMix color chart will produce lines that connect your current image with the ideal colors. A vectorscope is a tool that is ideal for live video color correction without having to rely on your own eyes and inaccurate monitor representations of your video cameras image. The vectorscope is all about color and provides us with tools to accurately adjust our camera settings ideally on the camera side first. Once the camera has been accurately tuned the finishing color corrections can be done in vMix.

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