In today’s back to the basics live show, we talk all about bandwidth considerations for live streaming. In this presentation, we discuss the bandwidth required to live stream via RTMP to your CDN (Content Delivery Network) plus the internal video streaming such as RTSP & NDI on your LAN (Local Area Network). Understanding the bandwidth requirements for multiple cameras and content delivery networks will allow live streamers to take full advantage of their potential. 

There are two main areas of “bandwidth” or “network traffic” to consider.

Outbound Bandwidth – RTMP Streaming to your CDN
LAN (Local Area Network) Bandwidth or Traffic on your Switch

As you can see from the video above our network is the core of our computer systems which run our video production software. Now that most of our camera are either controlled over the network (IP) or connected for video over IP, our Ubiquiti network switches are a crucial part of our broadcast studio. Our network starts with the Router we purchased from our ISP (Internet Service Provider). The router connects to our Firewall and 24 port managed Gigabit Switch. Our switch connects all of our IP connected devices including our WiFi access points which support 802.11AC Wireless.

Here are some example bandwidth scenarios to consider:

720p 3.5Mbps AAC 128kbps = 3.5 Mbps
720p 3.5Mbps AAC 128kbps = 7 Mbps
720p 3.5Mbps AAC 128kbps = 10.5 Mbps
1080p 4.5 Mbps AAC 128kbps = 4.5 Mbps
1080p 4.5 Mbps AAC 128kbps = 9 Mbps
1080p 4.5 Mbps AAC 128kbps = 13.5 Mbps
TIP: Leave 30-50% Headroom on your upload speeds

Don’t forget to download our free Recommended Streaming Settings Guide!!

(1) NDI Camera “High” = 12 Mbps
(2) NDI Camera “High” = 24 Mbps
(3) NDI Camera “High” = 36 Mbps
(1) NDI Camera “Medium” = 8 Mbps
(2) NDI Camera “Medium” = 16 Mbps
(3) NDI Camera “Medium” = 24 Mbps

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